What members think

Here’s a comment made a few days ago by one of our members –

“… what the green gym is all about [is] there are few obstacles and lots of alternatives via support of the fun filled team…..  Nearly didn’t mention the body building warm up physical jerks, tea and cakes and lots, lots more.”

We don’t have a Facebook page, maybe because nobody’s come forward who’s willing to set it up and maintain it, let alone a Twitter account for the early hours,  but feel free to email me (Simon) if you have any comments about what Chippy Green Gym means to you. My idea would be to make a collection and post a few here from time to time, and I’m sure they’d be useful when we advertise our group otherwise. All would remain anonymous unless you say you would like your first name to appear, or that you don’t mind if it does.

The comments from a member quoted above were a spontaneous response, and I think spontaneous words are most often the best, so don’t “force it”! Wait for a “Green Gym  moment” (??) and share it. I can’t promise they’ll all be opened to the wide world, but they will be appreciated none the less.




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