Apple Day 2018 a great success

The seventh Apple Day festival took place in the Community Orchard on  October 21st.

Despite there being almost no fruit left on the trees this year, large quantities of apples were brought along, most for juicing and some, both cookers and eaters, for visitors to take home. It was a lovely sunny day for people to do a spot of wassailing, enjoy a little live music, watch the bodger (wood turner) at work, have a good chat,  just relax, or hare around whooping in the case of  younger guests.

The usual impressive spread of refreshments was enjoyed, many made with orchard fruits, and washed down with juice from some of the many bottles filled on the day as a result of the efforts of the hardworking juicer team at and around the presses.

Thanks to them, to so many more who worked to make the day a success, and also to those who dropped donations into the little wellies. As a result, the Orchard Committee now have an extra £200 to invest in the continued development of your Community Orchard.

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