Wildflower project

[Green Gym members – please pass this on!]

We  want to increase the variety of wildflowers  at the five-year old Fitzalan Wood and have started a survey  to find out what species are already there. You can see the latest list in the Wildflowers section of the Links page. It would be great if you could help us by visiting this little wood and adding some names. The entrance is down Station Road (off the A44 Worcester Road) just before Travis Perkins’ yard.

And now the school holidays are starting, why not invite some youngsters along on a “hunt the Fitzalan wildflowers” trip?  You will almost certainly need a printed (or even digital) wildflower guide, and we recommend long trousers and strong shoes or boots – trainers at a minimum, not sandals!

The information we need is the name of the plant, roughly what part of the wood it was found in – north/south/east/west side or centre – and whether or not it was on or beside a path or treeless area: say “open ground” if it was. Any photos you could take would be a big help and if you are not sure what the plant is, add a “possibly”. Please add the date of the search, and your name (in case we need to get back to you) and email the information to Simon at simba217@gmail.com. Thank you!

Dog rose roots were once thought to cure the bites of rabid dogs.

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