Individual member working – important health and safety notes

Green Gym has always taken seriously its duty to keep members safe, and current government guidelines on movement and gatherings should always be followed.

According to government instructions, until further notice it is acceptable, once daily, to go out to get exercise. One way is to visit a Chipping Norton Green Gym work site and help maintain it pending the resumption of programmed sessions.

The government say you can exercise with other members of your household, or alone. “Gatherings” of two people from different households are permitted: in this last case, remain at least 2 metres away from the other person at all times. So if you visit a site and there are already two people there, please do not stay.

In general, please take your own tools and equipment, such as suitable gloves, and for safety’s sake, a first aid kit. If driving there you should have one available in the car, otherwise take one from the house if you live alone, or a “mini-kit”  if other household members will be at home, leaving enough necessary items behind. And don’t forget your mobile phone.

If planning to work at the Community Orchard, please contact Heather or Hilary with any queries about tools available for that site.

It w0uld be helpful if you could tell us when you have been to a site, and what you have done. Please email the member who usually leads sessions at the site, copying me (Simon) in (simba217 at gmail dotcom) – or failing that, use the club contact information via the Contact page.

See the separate post for tasks done, work in progress, and jobs planned. Thanks for your help!

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