Apple Day a success

The annual “Chippy” Apple Day, held on September 26th at the Community Orchard, was again a great success, helped by the sunny weather. The Orchard Committee is pleased to report that visitors donated £226 pounds towards orchard expenses. We pass on the committee’s thanks to all who helped on the 26th or put in a contribution before the day.

One visitor left behind a fleece jacket. To recover it, please contact Heather (tel. 01608 643691).

Here is the full “press release”:

Making the most of the last of the balmy summer days, a crowd of over 200, including the Town Mayor and Deputy Mayor,  gathered in the Community Orchard. Some watched the apple presses in action and took home bottles of juice, others admired Phil the Bodger on his pole lathe and Jim whittling his rustic walking sticks. Children triumphantly carried away paintings and sticky collages and all drank spiced apple juice and savoured the refreshments.

One table marked ‘Munchies for Minstrels’ was reserved for the musicians – thoroughly deserved by Charlbury and Finstock Morris who not only entertained with their dances but stepped up to Wassailing, filling a gap left by the Folk Band who, at the last minute were unable to come. With bells jingling the Morris Men watched as the children hung cider-soaked toast on the trees and the whole company made a huge noise with drums, flute and voice to chase away any evil spirits. Then the Morris came into their own with the traditional song ‘Wassail, wassail all over the town ….’ the crowd lustily joining in the choruses.

The Dancing Circle, already limited by the trees, had also been settled by families and picnic rugs so the customary circle dance on grass took on a new form at the end of the day when several partook of a lesson in Morris dancing down on the flatter track. Folk were reluctant to depart as they soaked up the last rays of the sun.

Watch out for Blossom Day in May!
Heather Leonard. Orchard Group.





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