Individual and small group work planned and done, from March 20th


Reports are organised by site, with most recent items received appearing at the top of a section.  Work planned or requested (all sites) is  here at the top.

Members wishing to participate must only  do so on the understanding that they observe government guidelines, so as not to compromise their own safety and that of others.


Fitzalan Wood: the new hedging needs urgent attention. Scroll down for details.

Community Orchard:
Weeding as necessary.
Scythe grass fortnightly, but ONLY if another person is present on the site.
Grass cuttings onto compost heaps please.                                   

For tool availability and in case of queries, contact Heather or Hilary.

Health Centre:

Ongoing weeding and tidying of borders and Healthy Eating areas including compost bin site.  See “work done” for progress. Many weeds around veg beds. Difficult to pull up without disturbing gravel and mixing it with underlying earth.

Planting of courgette, sunflower, and replacement sisyrinchium plants – Hilary

The transplanted laurels by staff car park need to be monitored in case they need watering.

Work permitted at weekends only. Queries to Fran.

Fitzalan Wood:

As at June 9th – the new hedging along the Station Rd boundary needs urgent attention. Adjacent vegetation needs to be cleared and some guards removed, namely where they are in the sun and have “cooked” the leaves inside, and in general where the guard is unduly restricting growth. Where guards elsewhere on the site have been removed for this reason, damage to unprotected saplings has been limited; due to the limited accessibility of much of the new hedging, at least for deer, the advantage of removal should outweigh the risk.

“Richard’s walnut” tree is growing well but being swamped by nettles.

Scything of access paths required. Bramble: encroaching on “glade area” and some small trees on the north (A44) bank are being choked.

Ongoing clearance of bramble needed on whole site, but especially around trees,  and on and close to the open area (“glade) below the A44 Worcester road. 
Tidying up of trimmings from trees, especially willow – if possible pile up near the entrance.  Monitor new hedging on Station Road boundary for leaning or fallen canes and guards, and in long dry spells. Queries to Simon.

William Fowler Wood:
Blackthorn removal. It is extensive on the western boundary (allotments side). Removal of remaining guards, stakes and ties from established trees.
Collecting into piles any unused coppiced wood and other previously cleared material that is scattered around, ready for transfer to a bonfire site to burn when group sessions resume. Queries to Hilary or Clive. 

Highlands Day Centre – as at April 29th, all planned work completed.

Queries  to Heather/Hilary

For Hook Norton volunteers, Ale Wood (in “Hooky”):                                                       removal of tree guards in the area of the Wood on the left hand side of the footpath as you climb the hill. Where possible remove and keep the ties to return later. Collect up the guards and stakes and leave in as small a number of tidy piles as possible, just off the side of the path. As much as you can, keep intact stakes and broken or rotten ones separate. Queries to Elaine/David N.


Community Orchard

May 26th and preceding days – scything (Adela, Peter et al); raking up, weeding, etc. (various volunteers including Adela, Fran, Gill, Heather).

May 13th and preceding days – weeding (Rachel McC., Fran, Adela); scything (Peter) both ongoing.

May 5th clearing up of cut grass: Jenny

April 28th (report by Heather). First round of weeding completed (whole site). Various volunteers involved. A second hurdle in progress; completion dependent on availability of further material: Hilary and Peter.

April 7th (report by Heather)  First hurdle completed. 12 trees weeded, also Boysenberries. Garden fence behind these to be renewed by the owners. Tree guards removed from hedge. Mint bed established. Volunteers: Adela, Fran, Heather, Hilary, Peter, Rachel Mc.

31st March (report by Heather) Hilary and Peter have completed half a hurdle, and have delivered loads more coppiced hazel from WF Wood in preparation for more.
Jenny has re-done all the [tree name] labels. Fran, Adela, Rachel Mc and Heather have all continued weeding: 8 trees now done and soft fruit area near gate.

Orchard committee has had a virtual meeting, and the minutes will be reported at the GG virtual meeting scheduled for April 15th. (Heather will send agenda at beginning of April).

March 27th (mostly) Clearing round base of  some trees –  Fran and Rachel Mc. Weeding soft fruit bushes – Heather. A start on hurdle making – Peter and Hilary.

March 23-25  Labelling of fruit trees on Common (Orchard extension). Heather

March 2?  Hilary and I have been working in the orchard.  We’ve released rhubarb from choking grass, raised the hurdles and have started weeding the trees. The soft fruit weeding is more urgent.  Heather

Health Centre (work permitted Sat-Sun only)

24th, 25th (Bank Holiday) – ongoing maintenance of beds and borders: Fran, Jenny, Heather, Hilary.

May 16th/17th –  Heather: Took replacement “do not exhaust me” notice for rhubarb but all sticks already pulled.  Put an aquilegia in the BB Border and some primroses in the corner plot and watered them in. Some weeding of the bays and the slate border.         Fran: watered cordon and family apple trees and mulched them to retain moisture (mulch from Highlands Day Centre).

May 9th/10th  Heather – various tasks. Jenny – weeding and tending bee-friendly border. Weeding around and watering of fruit trees – Fran. Rhubarb added to “free to pick now” board, and some sticks have been pulled.

May 2nd/3rd: Various volunteers: ongoing weeding of borders. Removal of docks from compost bin area – Hilary. Work on ornamental grass completed – Fran.

Weekends April 18/19 or  25/26: Jenny has cut back the dead heads of the Hyssop
Fran – tall grasses cut down – just one clump pending
Rachel, Fran – ongoing weeding of slate border
Wendy – weeding of border at patient car park end
Anon. – Healthy Eating area weeded (ongoing)

Weekend Apr 18/19: 36 ferns  in the bays tidied up and bays weeded – Heather. Ongoing weeding including of slate border, and cutting down and thinning of ornamental grasses – Fran and others.

Weekend April 11/12: Removal of dead hellebore leaves – Heather. Weeding of slate bed and thinning out of cultivated grass – Fran and Rachel.

Weekend of April 4/5:  work done at different times by Jenny, Fran, Hilary and Heather, weeding Bumble Bee Border, Slate border and Bays.

March 28th weeding of bee-friendly border- Heather

Fitzalan Wood

April 29  Cleared round several trees on the edge of the glade – Rachel              Cut back brambles engulfing  7 or 8 little trees recently planted on the north bank.  – Fran

March 20  Planted 3 donated Spindle trees (Euonymus europaeus) in the Station Rd hedge and 2 more by the “glade”. Simon

Hawkyard Common

April 23, etc. – an estimated aggregate of five hours’ work clearing bramble and nettles to enable the removal of a fallen or felled telegraph pole intended to be cut up for posts. As the pole proved to be rotten, the value of the work was limited to the healthy exercise involved. Work requested by the Field Reeves. Various volunteers took part.

Highlands Day Centre

By mid-April, weeds removed on and at side of driveways – Peter, Hilary, Heather.

By April 7th, front and rear gardens weeded, and compost bagged up for future use for the  Health Centre disabled gardening project – Hilary and Heather.

April 1st grass and other vegetation scythed in area at rear of back garden – Hilary and Peter. 

William Fowler Wood

May 20th and preceding period – scrub clearance, ongoing – Rachel G.

April 22nd blackthorn clearance, and a photography session – Rachel G. As a result, the site now has its very own website page.

March??th to April 7th  Planting of over 200 whips –  Clive.                                                           March 24th     Planted two Spindle trees by the entrance gate. Simon

Ongoing – coppicing of hazel for hurdles at Orchard. Peter and Hilary                                                                                     

Ale Wood (Hook Norton): tree guard removal

From  March 22nd, ongoing. David and Jane N.; Elaine, Michael.                                        May 25th – Elaine reports she is currently spending some time there three days a week. May 26th – work by David, Elaine and Michael (reported by F.B.)


A well-earned rest. Photo by Rachel Mc. (part-selfie bottom left).

Three fields away from the Orchard, Barney has the same idea. Photo JG

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