GG individual work done and planned, from 20-03-20

Reports are organised by site, with newest items at the top of a section.               Work planned and requested (all sites) is  here at the top.


Community Orchard: Hurdle making. Hurdles to continue down the fence at the same height as the current lower one. Materials on site.
Remove tree guards in hedge.                                                                                                           Weed round trees and soft fruit bushes and canes everywhere on site. 
Scythe grass, but ONLY if another person is present on the site.
If needed, there is quite good mulch in the middle compost heap.                                   Planned for week starting March 31st, finish soft fruit weeding – Heather                             For tool availability and in case of queries, contact Heather or Hilary.

Health Centre: weeding and tidying of borders and Healthy Eating areas.  Bee border and slate bed weeding – Jenny.  Litter picking and some weeding of  fruit and veg. areas – Fran. Various jobs – Heather              Work permitted at weekends only. Queries to Fran.

William Fowler Wood:
Blackthorn removal – queries to Hilary
Tree planting – queries to Clive or Hilary

Fitzalan Wood: clearance of bramble on whole site, but especially in and close to the open area (“glade) below the A44 Worcester road.
Tidying up of trimmings from trees, especially willow – if possible pile up near the entrance. Queries to Simon.

Highlands Day Centre – removal of weeds on and at side of driveways.

For Hook Norton volunteers, Ale Wood (in “Hooky”):                                                       removal of tree guards in the area of the Wood on the left hand side of the footpath as you climb the hill. Where possible remove and keep the ties to return later. Collect up the guards and stakes and leave in as small a number of tidy piles as possible, just off the side of the path. As much as you can, keep intact stakes and broken or rotten ones separate. Queries to Elaine/David N.


Community Orchard

April 1st (Hilary) first hurdle completed.

31st March (report by Heather) Hilary and Peter have completed half a hurdle, and have delivered loads more coppiced hazel from WF Wood in preparation for more.
Jenny has re-done all the [tree name] labels. Fran, Adela, Rachel Mc and Heather have all continued weeding: 8 trees now done and soft fruit area near gate.

Orchard committee has had a virtual meeting, and the minutes will be reported at the GG virtual meeting scheduled for April 15th. (Heather will send agenda at beginning of April).

March 27th (mostly) Clearing round base of  some trees –  Fran and Rachel Mc. Weeding soft fruit bushes – Heather. A start on hurdle making – Peter and Hilary.

March 23-25  Labelling of fruit trees on Common (Orchard extension). Heather

March 2?  Hilary and I have been working in the orchard.  We’ve released rhubarb from choking grass, raised the hurdles and have started weeding the trees. The soft fruit weeding is more urgent.  Heather

Health Centre (work permitted Sat-Sun only)

March 28th weeding of bee-friendly border- Heather

Fitzalan Wood

March 20  In Fitzalan Wood I planted 3 donated Spindle trees (Euonymus europaeus) in the Station Rd hedge and 2 more by the “glade”. Simon

Highlands Day Centre

April 1st grass and other vegetation scythed in area at rear of back garden – Hilary and Peter

William Fowler Wood

March xx Planting of whips –  anon.                                                                                                     March 24th     Planted two Spindle trees by the entrance gate. Simon                                                                                                         

Ale Wood (Hook Norton)

Tree guard removal  March 22nd David N. 24th Elaine


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