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The album galleries hold a selection of pictures of work sessions and events in the “Chippy” Green Gym year. If you have any difficulties in browsing the  galleries, there are a few NextGen Gallery viewing tips below.

As an addition to the galleries,  here are links to pdf versions of our past and current slide show advertisements  screened in the waiting area at Chipping Norton Health Centre:    2017   2018   2019.    Due to file size limits on this website, image quality is lower than in the originals.

  • Chippy Green Gym at work

How to view the pictures

 • Firstly, click on a chosen gallery title or its thumbnail image.

• Secondly, to view the contents of a gallery,  click on any thumbnail.  Use the arrows on either side of the picture to view pictures singly, or click the “play” icon to see a slideshow.

• You can turn captions  off by clicking on and off by clicking  anywhere on the picture you are viewing. Click the large “X” to leave the gallery.

• After leaving a particular gallery, to display the list of galleries again, click on “Photo Album” on the navigation bar or on the “Return to galleries” link at the foot of the page.

If you have any problems in using the different options, or have any comments about any aspect of our website, please get in touch via the Contact page. We value your feedback.

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