Common and Pool Meadow

Chipping Norton is fortunate in having retained much of its ancient common land, while in many places this has been lost for ever. We cut back brambles and other vegetation which encroaches on the pasture and paths, and the steps down from the recreation ground; remove rubbish; and  clear the streams so that their flow remains unobstructed.

We have been instrumental in helping to increase the wooded areas on  the common land, notably through the creation of Fitzalan Wood and from 2020, the top (eastern) end of Hawkyard Common. Here, there is fenced-off space for up to 500 trees, to be planted over a ten-year period at a rate of around 50 a year, forming a strip of woodland to be known as Hawkyard Copse. It will be a space where the people of Chipping Norton, both individuals and organisations, will be encouraged to get involved in the planting: a planned on-site nursery will ensure a supply of reasonably-sized trees to plant.

Hawkyard Common cows

Site assessment arouses curiosity at Hawkyard Common

A work session in Pool Meadow

A session clearing out the Common Brook in Pool Meadow. The tea break is always welcome!

Repairing the eroded footpath in Pool Meadow.

Repairing the eroded footpath in Pool Meadow.

Flood diverter to combat further path erosion

We designed and built a flood diverter to combat further path erosion.

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