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A new Green Gym project, begun in 2016,  involves the creation and maintenance of flower and vegetable beds at Chipping Norton Health Centre. We are pleased to be cooperating with the Centre in enhancing the appearance of areas which greet users and staff, keeping fit as we work to help preserve increasingly threatened fauna and to encourage healthy eating.

A bumblebee-friendly flower bed

Of the two dozen types of bumblebee in the U.K., eight are commonly found here in Oxfordshire.  Most of the UK species have declined greatly in recent years, and two more have become extinct since the 1940s. At the end of summer we filled an area with groups of eleven different plants that produce blooms attractive to the harmless, ecologically vital bumblebee and which together provide their nectar over an extended flowering period.

Bumble-Bee-area-wThe chosen area (above) was cleared of weeds, dug over and manured, before planting took place on a pleasant September morning.


 The bed is now a source of interest for the Centre’s users; according to the season it  welcomes them with perfumed flowers, fragrant leaves, and culinary herbs to pick.


More information:  what was planted ** bumblebee factsheet ** gardening for bees

Healthy Eating

We have cleared ground and constructed raised beds to hold fruit bushes and vegetables.

We weed all the flower beds at the Centre ……..

201607-HealthCentre-weeding-w… and most of the weeds go into the compost bins which we have made out of old pallets.

We made a hurdle to screen the compost bins

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